Jockey Gym NFT


What is jockey gym?

What is jockey gym?

We are the third biggest fitness center company in Argentina. With 7 branches and 1 franchise in the most densely populated province of Argentina.

30 years of experience in the fitness industry, and over 6,000 active clients makes Jockey Gym NFT a project that you can trust. We want this project to last over the years and make our holders be part of this. This is the beginning of big things. We are the first gym to launch a collection of NFTs.

Jockey Gym is still owned and operated by its founders.

Jockey Gym NFT holders will:

jockey gym nft holders will:

Make money, and more money every year.

  • Jockey Gym NFT holders will be airdropped a percentage of the new Branch’s profits. This percentage will increase every year for four years.
  • Every month, Gym’s profits corresponding to the holders will go to a community wallet, holders will act as a DAO and decide what to do with those funds of the community wallet (invest, keep cash, trade, etc.).
  • In the first year, holders will be airdropped 20% of the Branch’s profits.
  • In the second year 23%
  • In the third year 25%
  • In the fourth year 27%
  • And the fifth year 30% of the branch’s profits.
  • Every year after the opening of the new branch holders will get their airdrop and the percentage of profits to be airdropped will increase.
  • Holders will also have priority on future launches of NFT projects like this one.

Be part of the best Crypto-Fitness community.

  • Every week holders will receive a fitness challenge, the idea of being part of the community is also to be committed to making fitness part of your day-to-day.
  • Free access to all of the Jockey Gym branches.
  • Every year there will be 2 merch drops for holders for free.
  • Every year there will be a 90-days Bootcamp for holders to work on their bodies and work on being the best version of themselves.
  • Every year there will be distributed educational content to holders, at least 1 ebook, and 1 masterclass per month.
  • Periodic giveaways
  • New and better stuff will be added! This is not all the things holders will get. Holders deserve the best of the best!

Jockey Gym DAO

  • Every month, Gym’s profits corresponding to the holders will go to a community wallet, holders will act as a DAO and decide what to do with those profits (invest on Crypto or NFTs, keep the cash, trade, etc.).
  • Every year cash will be airdropped to the holders, so the DAO will have one entire year to invest and maximize their returns. DAO will make profits from their profits.
  • There will be monthly meetings and polls to decide what to do with the funds of the community wallet. Decisions will be taken democratically between the holders.
  • Every NFT means one vote in the DAO, the more NFTs you hold you would have more voting power.

Jockey Gym Distrito

You Can Be Part Of This Project.

“Jockey Gym Distrito” will be ending on the 4th Quarter of 2022.

Jockey Gym Distrito Stats: 1200 MT² / Capacity: 500 people

Located in a luxurious condominium complex of 16 towers that are being built, all the towers will be finished in 2030.

1 NFT Represents 0.01% of Distrito’s Profits.


  • Supply: 3.000 pieces.
  • Price: 130 MATIC
  • Up to 2.000 NFTs will be sold on pre-sale.
  • Polygon layer 2 network
  • Every piece will make the same amount of money out of cash airdrops, the more pieces you hold the more money you will be airdropped to you.
  • Our estimations say that in the long run around every holder will make around $30 US Dollars per NFT every year.
  • After the 5th year. $1000 dollars in NFTs will be burned every semester.

Jockey Gym NFT Funds:

  • Will be used for ending the “Jockey Gym Distrito” Branch.
  • Will be used for starting a new branch.
  • Holders will own 2 Jockey Gym Branches in the near future. Distrito is the one that is opening really soon (3rd/4th quarter 2022).

What our clients say about us:

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