Jockey Gym NFT

the first fitness center into nfts.

jockey gym - NFT project

jockey gym NFT PRoject


30 years of experience in the fitness industry gives us the confidence to build this fundraising project

7 locations / 1 franchise / +6000 Customers


20% of profits of the new Jockey Gym branch will be airdropped to holders.

 This percentage will increase every year. Holders will make more money.


Long-term holders will be the ones who get the most benefits from this project:

Airdrops – Free Merch – Educational fitness content

jockey gym collection


Mint price: 130 MATIC

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Jockey Gym Distrito

You Can Be Part Of This Project.

“Jockey Gym Distrito” will be ending on the 4th Quarter of 2022.

Jockey Gym Distrito Stats: 1200 MT² / Capacity: 500 people

Located in a luxurious condominium complex of 16 towers that are being built, all the towers will be finished in 2030.

1 NFT Represents 0.01% of Distrito’s Profits.

jockey gym - Fitness center

jockey gym Fitness center

We are the third biggest fitness center company in Argentina. With 7 branches and 1 franchise in the most densely populated province of Argentina.

Owned and operated by its founders.

The team

The project is being developed by

Luciano Torres


Middle Son of Claudio Torres and Cecilia Fagalde, the founders of Jockey Gym.

Crypto trader since 2020. Teaching about Crypto and the markets since August 2021

Lived for two years in Philadelphia, US.

Now working on Marketing, Sales, and managing the finances of the company. Had the idea of getting Jockey Gym into the NFT ecosystem.

Tomas jerez


Student at the most prestigious design university of Argentina.

Crypto Holder since 2020.

Tomas Liotta


+5 Years working for digital services (website developer, digital marketer)

Has developed Crypto games in the past. Crypto Enthusiast. Tomas Liotta – Smart Contract Developer

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