Jockey Gym NFT



Thank you for getting Jockey Gym NFT! This will be one of the best investments you will do, we promise. Now follow these steps to get the best out of our NFT:

1. Go to OpenSea and find your NFT!

  • Click the button above to open the OpenSea website.
  • Connect your wallet and go to your profile.
  • Find your Jockey Gym NFT there!

2. Get your “Holder” role in our Discord!

  • Go to our Discord group by clicking the button above.
  • Head to the #collabland-join channel.
  • Follow the steps there to get your Discord “Holder” role and get access to all the benefits.

3. Add the “JGNFT” Token in your Metamask.

  • Open your Metamask wallet in the Polygon Network.
  • Scroll down where it says “Import Tokens” and paste the following:

Contract Address: 0x24bfda0194aD0B0c95A208b83f8f310E2080F635 

Token Symbol: JGNFT

Decimals: 0

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